Preparing for climate change on the strategic road network

January 3, 2022
National Highways


The document titled "Preparing for climate change on the strategic road network" is the third adaptation report under the Climate Change Act, published in January 2022. The report discusses the impact of climate change on the strategic road network (SRN) and the measures taken by National Highways to adapt to these changes. It emphasises the importance of understanding the changing climate, such as hotter and drier summers, milder and wetter winters, and the increasing frequency of extreme weather events. The report also highlights the risks posed by climate change to infrastructure, including flooding, erosion, and temperature changes.

Why is this useful?

The report provides insights into the current and future challenges posed by climate change to the SRN. It offers a comprehensive assessment of the risks and opportunities facing the UK's transport sector due to climate change. By understanding these challenges, National Highways can implement strategies and plans to ensure the safety and reliability of the road network. The report also serves as a guide for other organisations and stakeholders in the transport sector to prepare for and adapt to the impacts of climate change.


The foreword of the report is written by Mike Wilson, the Chief Highways Engineer. The report is a collaborative effort between key organisations in the surface transport sector and is developed in conjunction with Defra. The document also references the Met Office's UK Climate Projections and the Climate Change Committee's Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk.


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