Data for Adaptation

January 1, 2020
United Nations - Climate Change


The document "Global Climate Change Adaptation Data: Knowledge Gaps and Needs" provides an overview of the current state of global climate change adaptation data, identifies knowledge gaps and needs, and highlights opportunities for future action.

Why is this useful?

The document highlights the need for better and more comprehensive data on climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, and adaptation actions, particularly in developing countries and vulnerable communities. It also identifies the need for greater collaboration and coordination among stakeholders, as well as the use of innovative data collection and analysis methods, such as citizen science and remote sensing. Overall, this document provides a useful overview of the current state of climate change adaptation data and offers insights into how stakeholders can work together to address knowledge gaps and improve adaptation efforts. The intended audience for this document includes policymakers, practitioners, and researchers who are involved in climate change adaptation efforts at various levels, from local to global. It is particularly relevant for those who are responsible for designing and implementing adaptation policies and programs, as well as for those who are involved in collecting, analysing, and using climate change data.


Technical paper by the UN Adaptation Committee


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