Climate Change Adaptation: the government's role and progress

February 1, 2023
National Audit Office


The "Briefing for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee: Climate change adaptation" is a report published by the UK National Audit Office (NAO) that provides an overview of the government's progress on climate change adaptation.

The report highlights that while the UK has made significant progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, climate change is already happening and adaptation measures are essential to deal with its impacts.

The report outlines the challenges of climate change adaptation in the UK, including increasing risks of flooding, heatwaves, and other extreme weather events. It also discusses the government's current approach to climate adaptation, including the development of a new strategy to be published in 2023.

The report identifies several areas where the government needs to do more to support climate adaptation, such as improving coordination between different government departments and local authorities, providing more funding for adaptation measures, and increasing public awareness of the risks of climate change.

Why is this useful?

"Briefing for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee: Climate change adaptation" report is an essential resource for anyone interested in understanding the UK government's approach to climate adaptation. It provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities of climate adaptation and highlights the need for urgent action to address the risks posed by climate change. It is particularly relevant to those involved in climate adaptation policy and planning at the national and local levels.


National Audit Office


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